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M&A Book Series

How to succeed in a mergerHow to succeed in a merger or acquisition

If your in a company that has been acquired or are merging with another company, this is the book for you.  Click here to buy it on Amazon or call us if you want 500 copies for your merger, one for each person.

Tips and advice on how to do well when going through a merger or acquisition.  As a follow-up to his popular book M&A Integration: How to do it, author Danny A.Davis given useful well thought through knowledge around the M&A process, what will happen and how to, personally, do well during the deal.  People often worry about their jobs, position, power budgets during M&A, this is a simple guide to doing well.

People who read the Book:

“The worst thing for a merger is uncertainty and a lack of clear communication – these guides can help to bridge that gap” Mark Leonard, M&A and Integration, IMI plc

“A-Z read for anyone facing the uncertainties of an acquisition” Dean O’Connor, Vice President of Global Sales, Laird

“Everyone going through a merger must read this” Giles Grant SVP ELT & SVP Global Marketing Pearson English

“M&A transactions place heavy demands on management and employees. This book sheds light on the complex process and offers tools to make you successful.” Jack Artman, Executive Vice President M&A ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

“This is the book that had to be written. This is the book that has to be read.” Agustin Diaz, Associate Director Corporate Strategy, M&A department, Amadeus

“Danny has done a great job in distilling what some consultants make very complex into personal, easy to understand guidance that many different people should find instructive – whether selling shareholders, managers or employees.” Martin Green, Head of Business Development and HR Director, Vitec Group

“A great first point of call for employees impacted by a deal”. Merger, Acquisition and Disposal Executive, Global British Pharmaceutical Plc

“if you’re an employee in a merger, you have to read this book” Joe Nellis, Professor of Global Economy at Cranfield School of Management

“After every M&A transaction the staff on both sides of the deal will go through a predictable anxiety curve.  Danny Davis demystifies this and reveals what to expect and how to shine for all involved.”  Ron Crean, Vice President – Global Alliances

“This provides hands-on advice, drawn from Danny’s substantial experience in the field, for anyone going through, or thinking about, an acquisition.” Donal Crilly, Assistant Professor of Strategy, London Business School

“Practical, concise and easy to read. Perfect for those finding themselves in a merger.” Rob Hall, Head of Operational Business Development, SIG Plc

“Finally a great and practical book for the employees and their managers impacted by an acquisition or a merger in their company, a must read!” Tamar SARAGA, Board member, Genomic Vision

“Excellent reading for anyone in an acquisition” Mats Thuresson, Global Head of Integration, Ericsson

“Danny Davis brings new clarity to a topic not discussed enough – how individuals can cope and even excel when they are impacted by M&A. He applies the goal of growth by M&A to individual employees and elegantly crafts a story by which they understand and grow through the change they are part of and can use this to manage their career more effectively.” Brent Peterson,  HR Director Global Business Unit, Becton Dickinson

“If you’re an employee in a merger, you have to read this book” Martin Summerhayes, Head of Delivery Strategy & Service Improvement, Fujitsu

“Invaluable if you want to succeed during the uncertain times of a merger or acquisition; highly recommended” Andras J Kemeny, Global HR Director, GfK 

“Read this book and you will make the best out of a merger” Sven Kramer, Senior Lead Strategy, Planning, Appraisal Upstream International, Shell International Exploration and Production

“Whilst business leaders can often get lost in the fever of getting the deal done, this book helps focus on the essential practical aspects of a merger or acquisition that can be overlooked. A must for any organisation going through M&A” Bhaven Pathak, Head of M&A, Sompo Canopius