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Non-Profit Mergers

The Charity Commission encourages trustees to consider whether a formal merger would be in the best interests of a charity’s beneficiaries. Danny Davis, a specialist is mergers and integrating organisations after mergers shares some of the things that experience has taught him to think about in any merger situation.

• Be clear about why the organisations are merging – what are the benefits going to be?
• Don’t just understand the similarities which make the organisations good candidates for a merger – recognise the major differences that will exist too.
• Planning is vital to a successful merger and integration of the two organisations – begin planning as soon as possible.
• Think about how the back office functions, such as finance, IT, human resources and communications might need to change as a result of the merger.
• Is the technology used by the two organisations compatible?
• Something unexpected will always come up. Try to be as ready as possible to address it quickly.
• Cultural differences will exist, which can cause problems. It helps to try to foresee these as much as possible.
• You don’t have to do everything at once – think about having stages in the process of integrating the organisations.

More information about Danny’s work at DD Consulting can be found through contacting

The Charity Commission also provides resources on collaboration and mergers, available at htttp://