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The M&A Knowledge Podcast
Hosted by Danny A.Davis

Prepare for the podcast conversation!

This page has information to help you prepare for our podcast conversation. Welcome! Any questions, let us know at

Discussion questions: See below for details on the types of questions that will be asked. The conversation is not scripted, so don’t prepare in writing, but it is helpful to know how the discussion might flow. Remember we will record a quick teaser for promotion after the conversation! 

The podcast is based on the below questions, so you can already prepare in your mind how to reply.

  1. Please share in the briefest way possible what do you do?
    • Position your professional activities in a short ‘elevator pitch’ style
  2. How are you involved with M&A?
    • This is the opportunity to expand about your experience and involvement in M&A.
  3. What deal sizes have you been involved with? and how many?
    • Share how many deals you have been involved with?  the size range – large to small? and the told value of all deals combined?
  4. Where or how did you gain your M&A experience and knowledge?
  5. How can the audience benefit from your recommendation?
    This is the time for you to quickly pitch your ‘call to action’ that you want the audience to do.

You are free to ask questions back and include more information, but we will hit the above points in the 20-30 minute recorded conversation.

Danny will close by instructing people to see the show notes of the episode for ways to contact you, so please ensure you provide the contact details with your Bio info.

Important! Before we stop recording, we will take the opportunity for your to record a short teaser of your episode, which will be something like this:

Hi I’m <your name> and I am a <business activity>.  Danny Davis invited me to have a conversation on M&A Knowledge Podcast, and we spoke about <What your planning on speaking about>. You can listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts!

Practical details: See below for specifics on how to prepare your space and equipment. It is important that you have an external microphone, headphones and a room that doesn’t have too many hard surfaces!

Below are some practical tips to get the best quality audio and video recording of the conversation.

Room / Space
Avoid sitting in a room that has a lot of hard surfaces, like hard floor and metal walls. It is best to have:

  • Carpet on the floor
  • Soft window coverings
  • If you are in a room with hard surfaces, try to put a large pillow behind your monitor to help avoid the echo.

Disable or close any applications which have distracting audible noises or alarms.


Move your camera or device so your head is in the ‘frame’ of the camera and is at the same level as your eyes.


The most important thing for the audio quality of the podcast is the microphone. Please avoid using the built-in microphone of your computer. Use headphones or earpods (also to avoid any echos while you are talking).

Another important consideration related to sound is the background noise in the room where you are recording. Try to record in a room with lots of drapes, rug or couches that will reduce any echo in the room.


The best setup is a laptop or computer with an external microphone and camera. However, if you can’t do this, then using your smartphone is a good alternative as those cameras are often much better than laptops. If you use a smartphone, then use a headphone with a microphone and a holder to keep it steady.



The best result is when you have your background lit and some indirect light on your face. You can most likely do that with lights around your home or office.

We will do a little setup check before we start recording, and feel free to ask in advance for any pointers!

Ensure you have sent us the biography information for promotion before we record the postcast.  You can find that here: