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Case Studies

Some of our clients

Case Studies


Bringing experienced people in as early as possible to plan well can save millions later (and possibly your job).

A global corporate bought a company to merge with one of its
divisions, doubling its size and creating a game changer in that industry.   The division concerned was failing in the market, despite having gone through a major restructuring some 12 months previously.  As well as driving growth in the market, the deal was intended to use the target companies’ management team and staff to completely re-invigorate the combined company.  Staff morale was low and there were serious
concerns about the risks of this strategy. We were called in 14 days after the deal closed and took over the plan, reset it and moved the deal forward.  We delivered all the changes successfully and ahead of time, allowing more synergies to be achieved than had been planned.



DD Consulting planned and implemented all aspects of this
$6bn merger across 30 European countries. Over the period of 2 years we planned, managed and successfully (determined by the City) delivered a full integration across all aspects of the business. The scope included sales & marketing restructure, IT migration, EPR migrations, back-office consolidation followed by outsourcing, legal entity restructuring, supply chain rationalisation and office moves. The integration programme had a $101m spend with 160 sub-projects, 6 programme managers and 45-project managers.   Post-merger integration assurance across 30 countries delivered an additional $41m of savings.


DD Consulting was part of the planning and delivery team of
15 to run a three-way merger creating a new $1.5bn turnover entity across 60 countries.  We were asked to plan the marketing aspects across Europe for the merger and then to implement these during the course of the programme.  In addition, we planned and implemented the global communications strategy for the internal audience.


Early planning using experienced and knowledgeable people can reassure all parties.

This was a very large and complex deal in which 10
separate divisions were purchased.   Of these, 6 needed to have
individual strategies and integration plans, making this deal look like 7
mergers all planned and run consecutively as part of a carve out from the seller’s parent company. DD Consulting was asked to do the pre-deal planning.

This included targeted information gathering, identifying synergies,
creating an integration plan for the consortium of banks and buyer’s management
and advising the head of M&A on TSA items.


Training can be a great way to mobilise internal resource.

A leading Telecom company in the middle of a $13.4bn merger asked London Business School for an expert in Post-Merger Integration. DD Consulting was introduced as one of the leading experts in this area, and we delivered a Post-Merger Integration workshop to the CIS regional CEO and 30 internal CEOs and country heads.   The training focused on M&A integration principles and practices, and enabled the internal teams to implement and deliver best practices across the programme. The key learning from this deal.


This was a £400m acquisition for a £1.6bn company.   DD Consulting were asked to create an integration plan for the back office (shared services) part of the finance function, followed by a full plan for this area to integrate this newly acquired company along with retrospectively integrating 6 previous acquisitions that had not been fully integrated.  We initiated this plan and delivered the first stages of the integration and then transitioned it over to the internal teams to handle.


DD Consulting was asked to sit on the programme board of a $525m spend HR Transformation programme.   The aim of the programme was to review, plan and change all aspects of HR and how it affects the organisation globally (across 120 countries and 110,000 employees through all businesses of a $300bn turnover company). We delivered the HR Transformation programme to the corporate line functions – 25 functions globally with 12,500 people.  These functions included HR, IT, finance, M&A, sales and marketing, distribution, manufacturing, technology, health safety security environment, communications, investor relations, strategy, panning, legal, property.

Client Quotes

“The training course gave me a thorough insight on how post-merger restructuring has to be approached to maximize the positive effects of acquisition. That included rationalising the supply chain as one of the most sensitive challenges during a merger.”  

Sergey Kamo, Head of M&A, PepsiCo Eastern Europe


“What was useful was getting an insight into the other elements of a deal, and how much IT requirements are shaped by the overall deal strategy. I have a good understanding now of the role IT can also play in delivering cost savings in other areas such as marketing, finance and procurement.”

Eric Lippert, IT Director, NPG Wealth Management

Danny A Davis coaching has given real insight into effective post-merger integration. His ability to describe market leading theories and methodologies, alongside practical real-life examples, has really deepened my understanding in “hands on” situations.”

Niklas Hallenberg, Program Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions, Post Merger Integration, Ericsson

“Danny A Davis’ M&A training gave me a rich overview of the strategic drivers for M&A and in particular all of the elements needed to develop a robust 100 day plan, and implement it. His insights around the time needed for each of the workstreams to be implemented appropriately was very valuable.”

Melda Alpaydın, International Expansion Manager, Turkcell

“The session on why most mergers fail was particularly insightful. Danny brings a pragmatic point of view when sharing various case studies across different industries, which is thought-provoking to say the least.”

Ruffo Giulio, Vice President M&A, ENI

“You are always giving examples from reality, which has helped understand my priorities better. This has   really opened my eyes.”

Integration Director, Global Telco.

“You catch the essence, I like your paraphrasing and re-phrasing. You helped me organise my thoughts,   and gave me knowledge. Having a second opinion on our deal was very useful.”

Integration Director,   Global Telco.

“The role of HR in a merger is critical in retaining key talent, and maintaining morale. The training course gave me a good overview of the types of common mistakes that HR functions can make when trying to do too much, and the things that are often overlooked which could affect the success of the deal.”

Regional HR / Change Manager, Europe Region, British American Tobacco

“The IT change required during a merger is substantial and what is often underestimated is the people and communications needed to deliver this successfully. The training course provided some useful guidance in prioritising projects to deliver the most profit.  “

Markus Riner, CIO at EKZ

“You listened, you allowed me to talk. You helped me clarify my ideas and get to the good ones.”

Integration Director, Global Telco

Given our conversation, I have reprioritised what I will spend my time on now. I will get a steering group set up on Monday.”

Integration Director