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The M&A Knowledge Podcast - Guest

Share your M&A story, knowledge and experiences:

Interested in sharing your story or recommending someone to be a guest on The M&A Knowledge Podcast?

Please review the information below and let us know!

The M&A Knowledge Podcast provides the stage for incredible business people to share a strategy, knowledge, experience, learnings, recommendations in and around the area of M&A. The audience of the podcast ranges from start-up founders to corporate executives, from MBA students to M&A professionals.  Who and are listening from the US, UK and many other countries.

The theme of the podcast is M&A. The main question to be answered during the conversation is: Can you share 2-3 M&A stories, that enable the listener to enjoy and learn?

The episodes are ideally 25-30 minutes long. We record the conversation and publish both the audio and video. Conversations takes one hour to record and the interaction is casual and conversational.

The podcast is released on all popular podcast platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify and Youtube (see icons below for full list). We promote the episodes on all major social platforms and to our newsletter community.

Please provide the below information and we will be in touch about how to schedule the podcast conversation. Any questions, let us know at

Guest Bio – Written in 3rd person, description of the guest and if applicable the guests M&A experience. Please provide at least three sentences of bio information – the more the better.

Contact details – If applicable, provide specific contact details such as email or phone number that the guest would like on the episode page.

Please send square ‘head shot’ color photo we should use for the ‘show notes’ page or confirm we can use the LinkedIn photo to Thanks!

If you need more information on how to prepare of the podcast conversation, check out the prep page.