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Improving M&A Integration

Welcome to our Improving M&A Integration survey

This survey focuses upon area integrations could be improved to increase chance of acquisition success.   Please answer all the questions, filling out the survey will take less that 10 min.



Your participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, and you can opt out at any stage by closing and exiting the browser. Your data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

You have the right to access information held about you. You may also have other rights including rights of correction, erasure, objection, and data portability.

If you consent to provide your personal data at the end of the questionnaire, you are free to withdraw your responses at any time.

If you do not provide us with any personal data, it will not be possible to later withdraw your data from the survey as they will not be identifiable.

All information and content is treated as confidential and anonymous. If you have concerns about this matter please do not hesitate to contact Danny Davis.

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